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With people who live and breathe the custom sign business, we understand all the intricacies of a process that tends to have its share of twists and turns along the way. Since getting caught off guard or off schedule is never on our agenda, H.M. Witt & Co. has developed a 7-step procedure that’s more highly detailed and precise than any you’ll find.

Throughout any part of our process, we ensure we’re in full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Environmental Disposal and all government requirements.

Having managed thousands upon thousands of signage projects for more than a century, we know how to respond in a more nimble, agile manner to a variety of challenges that may arise. So you can have fewer surprises and keep your plans moving forward.





First, an H.M. Witt & Co. representative consults  with the clients to ensure that project objectives, deadlines and budget are clearly defined. This is an opportunity for the client to show us what their space looks like and to explain their signage needs.


HM Witt & Co. prides itself on its expertise in the signage industry. We use our expertise not only in the craftsmanship of our clients’ signs but in the management of their projects as well. Early on we flesh out the details of the product our clients are seeking so that we can set ourselves up from the start with the proper plan for hitting our goal mark.


Once we feel confident that expectations are understood, the fun begins– designing! H.M. Witt uses our experience, talent, and most importantly, creativity, to develop designs that fit our client’s sign needs and budget.


When the designs are set and the permits are in order, we start manufacturing. Our 26,000 square foot plant includes  the most up-to-date technology which allows us to manufacture with precision and accuracy.


After the signs are complete, our H.M. Witt & Co. team begins installation. This step is closely managed. We want to ensure that the sign installation goes smoothly and accurately.


After the design has been approved, we verify the permitting requirements to ensure that all work and signs meet code.


We stay in close contact with our clients post-installation and perform maintenance on our signs as needed.