It’s not complicated.

When you have the best people, processes and technology, you make the best quality signs. Every time.

It’s the unwavering belief Henry M. Witt had when he started the company in 1894 and one that four generations of the Witt family have remained true to. So we know a thing or two at H.M. Witt & Co. about what it means to be incredibly consistent.

The backbone of our success is what we consider to be the greatest team of union labor in the industry, members of the International Sign Association who know their craft inside and out.

We have a passion for detail and how the landscape of our customers’ tastes is shifting. By staying ahead of the latest trends and investing in the cutting edge equipment required to keep up with those trends, we can go even farther than what the customer is asking for to deliver the kind of concept they never imagined.

Old photo of people in a signage store
H.M. WITT 7 CO. Building

With nearly 100,00 square feet of Midwest manufacturing space and access to nearly 250,000 sf nationally, we’ve certainly got the room to accommodate those big ideas from our people too.

So whether your next great need calls for signage for 200 franchise locations or one building, let’s talk about a plan for that today. Call H.M. Witt & Co. at 1.888.427.0703 or visit our Contact Us page to share more about the project you’d like to discuss.

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